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Engaging people and transforming organizations to realize a Unike and sustainable company
Our Capabilities

Who we are

We are a team of professionals who share strong ethical values and a passion for scientific methods, facts, and figures, inspiring people to build sustainable knowledge, improve processes, and enhance capabilities to achieve high-performance targets.

What we do

UnikeBe solves business and technical challenges by building and replicating successful innovation experiences for clients, accelerating their business pipeline, and enhancing their contributions to differentiating products and services.

How we work

We help companies to implement strategy and make it measurable down to the operational levels. To achieve this, we behave in three different ways:


the right direction
with the customer.


Inspiring people by igniting a fire.


Supporting individuals and organizations in applying effective methods and facilitating process changes.

Our Capabilities

Commercial Excellence

Value-based pricing
Forecast accuracy
Sales efficiency

New Product / Service Development

Lean product development
Agile project management

People Development

Organizational assessment
Organizational development
Change management

Operational Excellence

JPM Total Production Maintenance
Lean Toyota Production System
Six Sigma
World Class Manufacturing

Digital Excellence

Leangitize methodology
Processes assessment
Business processes reengineering
Project management
Lean office

Supply Chain

Lean purchasing
Vendor & stock management
Sales & operations planning
Value chain strategy

Make – Our Methods


Managerial preparation to lead a systemic
improvement program.
Preparation of the diagnostic plan and performance metrics.


Understanding and valorizing opportunities for improvement through the economic valorization of losses.



Launch of improvement initiatives.


Extension of best practices to all plants and company areas.

Benefit Corporation

We prioritize social and environmental goals alongside financial objectives.

Our organization’s culture involves reviewing products and processes, combining profit with creating common benefits.

Our daily actions focus on people and processes to develop a strategic and sustainable competitive advantage for all stakeholders.



UnikeBe Consulting Società Benefit

Organization with a certified Quality Management System UNI EN ISO9001:2015 [EA37 ed EA35]



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